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Upcoming Books

Here's the latest Muchamore schedule update. With lots of Rock War, and a brand new CHERUB adventure set for early 2016!

FEB 2015 - Rock War - Paperback

JUNE 2015 - CHERUB: Lone Wolf - Paperback

OCT 2015 - Rock War II: Boot Camp - Hardback/Ebook

JUNE 2016 - CHERUB: Failed State - Hardback/Ebook

All dates and titles are provisional and subject to change!

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Bath Kids Lit Fest 2014

Muchamore at Bath Kids Lit Fest 28-09-2014

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See Muchamore This Summer

Robert Muchamore is set to appear at several top festivals this summer!


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Series One Re-covered!

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of CHERUB: The Recruit, we've launced all new covers for the twelve books that make up CHERUB series one, plus the compilation Dark Sun & Other Stories.

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Hay at Half Term

Robert Muchamore and Sophie McKenzie iat the Hay festival. Friday 30 May 2014, 2.30pm

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Rock War launch signings

Signings in Guildford and Bluewater on March 1st 2014.

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Out Now!

Rock War Meet Jay, Summer and Dylan. Can their bands make it into TVs hottest new talent show? Click Here

Special Edition

Rock War: The Audition To celebrate World Book Day 2014, UK readers can now get this exclusive Rock War mini story for just £1 Click Here

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